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Manda Venter – Due Diligence, Corporate and Procurement Fraud :: National Investigations Bureau

Manda Venter – Due Diligence, Corporate and Procurement Fraud

(National Diploma Purchasing Management)

Specialist Consultant – Criminal Analytics, Corporate Relations and Procurement Fraud, Due Diligence

After studying Purchasing Management Cum Laude, Manda started her professional career in Procurement in 1995 with various multinational companies in positions ranging from National Procurement Director (overseeing whole procurement departments) to full International procurement and supply. In 2000, Manda specialized in Global Procurement and joined the UK team at ADR International Procurement as Specialist Procurement Consultant.

During her 15 years as Specialist Procurement Consultant Manda gained unique experience in identifying and dealing with procurement fraud, corporate criminal activities and unethical practices in the Procurement Industry.

In 2005 Manda joined the security sector and applied her highly analytical skills focusing on criminal exposure in financial crimes.

Manda was one of the founding members of NIB with a special focus on corporate support services as well as fraud case management. Manda contributes simplistic strategic approaches to each case which is normally segmented to the core for criminal activity identification and then reassembled to follow legal objectives and positive conclusions for clients.

As a private investigator, she has found being a woman in what is traditionally a man’s world a major asset to her profession and she conducts her cases with a high moral code of conduct.

Manda is a very focused, goal orientated and determined individual and thousands of personal as well as corporate investigative tracing and investigative matters was concluded utilising her special skills in extracting, analyzing, interpreting and concluding information to the benefit of clients.

One of her core strengths is her adaptability to various situations, individuals and the everchanging corporate world to optimize benefits for strategic executives and functional employees as well as executing transactional tasks.

Apart from her ability to develop advanced strategic approaches with simplistic implementations (thereby maximizing results), her uniquely strong administrative skills completes the communication, analytical and implementation function on every investigative case management.

Her personal motto:

“There are many people that can apply investigative processes, techniques and strategies……most are theoretical …. but it takes an internal innate ability to be an innovator in the investigation sector, a forward thinker and a strategist with the focus of being a catalyst for criminal exposure, accountability for criminal conviction and imperishable sustainability improvement for clients.”

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