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Danie van Heerden - Founding Director :: National Investigations Bureau

Danie van Heerden - Founding Director

Managing Director including Marketing & National Operational

Danie van Heerden started his career as a former member of the South African Defense Force and later served in the Special Task Force of the SADF Regiment. He was involved in the planning and execution of numerous special operations nationally.

His operational experience includes numerous high security operational implementation serving the private sector for 12 years as a technical Security Specialist. He provided fundamental strategic advance technical, operational and electronic surveillance expertise as well as countermeasures for major Banks, Platinum and the Gold mines as well as Government Departments. As a specialist Technician he was actively involved in the day-to-day workings of technical covert surveillance and sting operations. He is currently responsible for the strategic management and implementation of operational investigation assignments as well as client liaison. His vast experience strategically as well as operationally has allowed for successful results from start to successful concluding assignments and projects. His diversity, a strong characteristic as well as his technical ability ensure for a strategic yet hands–on approach to project management, design and building of advanced covert electronic surveillance equipment.

His speciality in technical investigations and information networks contributes to a goal orientated approach which is fully inconclusive in problem solving to client’s unique requirements.

In 2000 when he entered the private Investigation sector the industry was marked with flaws, ungoverned companies and service providers. Working from a strong moral compass and passion for investigations with the latest advance technology available Danie built reputable businesses contributing to uplifting the Private Investigation Sector and serving clients with specific requirements and solutions.

Danie is the proud founding member and director of two PSIRA registered Private Investigation companies since 2002. He holds a Psira Grade A Certificate.

Danie's extensive experience in Crime Intelligence and Criminal Investigations as well as Corporate Management made him a specialist in the field of Corporate Investigations, Fraud detection & Crime prevention.

He offers high quality Corporate Investigation services in South Africa within the Security Industry. He has served and continue to successfully serve some of the largest blue-chip companies as well as many repute law practices within South Africa but also has cross border clients.

Danie is a visionary, an entrepreneur and a strong leader bringing his unique talents and years of experience to a business with the focus to serve and bring undisputable evidence and results to clients. His experience working across various operations nationally and abroad has proved invaluable as the team continue to grow the NIB business with the best current investigative qualities and a strategic futuristic approach.

Danie has also concluded thousands of personnel Investigations matters which has brought clarity and closure for many clients suffering emotionally.

He is currently focused on the following:

  • Criminal & Corporate Fraud investigations with measurable success
  • Personal Investigations
  • Surveillance training and executing of collect concrete evidence
  • Investigative tracing of suspects
  • Lead and assist with Internal Audit assignments
  • Full investigation services to serving of warrants of arrest
  • Testifying in courts
  • Testifying in Disciplinary Hearings
  • Strategic Intelligence gathering of evidence
  • Liaise with Digital Forensics of Computers and Cellphone applications
  • Physical Security assessments for loss prevention
  • Marketing and client liaison with the company’s clients
  • Managing the business principals and financials in both Investigation firms in Cape Town.
  • Corporate Security assessments
  • Litigation support and Dispute resolution: Investigation of crimes including: Theft, Fraud, Murder, Robbery, Rape, Treason, Complicated Financial Fraud, blackmail, harassment and all Serious and Violent Crimes
  • Strategic and Operational Management of surveillance teams
  • Managing the accreditation process for Fraud, Theft and Risk Prevention
  • Loss Prevention Consulting
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures


Certificates Received
1. PSIRA-Private Security Industry Regulated Authority Level A
2. IIASA - Founding member of the Independent Investigation Alliance of South Africa
3. IAFCI - Member of International Association of Financial Crime Investigation
4. Certificate Surveillance Investigation International
5. Intermediate Certificate Computer studies
6. Higher Certificate in Business Management
7. Advance Military training
8. Spec Combat Course and self-defense cause
9. Specializes rifle and hand weapon training
10. Diploma Digital Electronics
11. Advance and Rescue CMAS courses

"My personal objectives in life are to make a success of every task I undertake and to achieve every goal I set."

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