Financial Crime Risk

Have your business considered the true costs of Financial Crime?

The underlying threat of financial crime is a risk of doing business. Individuals and organised crime groups have historically targeted financial institutions to obtain account information and funds by exploiting vulnerabilities through a variety of fraudulent schemes. Organised criminals have developed these schemes from traditional fraud scams, embracing the opportunities provided by multiple business channels, in particular online/Ecrime.

The value of customer information has been recognized by organized crime for many years with theft and or compromise of customer sensitive information increasing at an alarming rate. Your company may also be financially liable for losses incurred by a third party as a result of breaches of your data security which result in losses by other organizations. Numerous high profile incidents occur in ever increasing numbers, frequently resulting in the collapse of a business, including major corporates.

You may also find that failures in your systems and controls which have lead to criminally derived funds being transacted through your firm, could result in criminal prosecution and or regulatory sanctions on both the firm and individual employees including board members.

NiB's (National Investigations Bureau) expert Financial Crime Risk Team can, through professional and discreet investigations, help your company or business to:

  • Adapt quickly to an ever-changing landscape with user-friendly data administration and configuration tools. Incorporate new data sources. Evolve processes. Expand intelligence analytics to other areas of the business, or design new components and screens based on changing needs.
  • Expose hidden networks faster in an easy-to-use network viewer that lets users see and explore networks, sequences and spatial associations. Drill down into various attributes based on the most current documents and data.
  • Conduct more efficient, targeted investigations through interactive visualization and search. Intelligence analysts can import their own data, perform free-text or geospatial searches across data sources, then filter and visualize search results in different ways to reveal key patterns, connections, people and events hidden within complex data.
  • Easily document findings with an investigative workspace that allows analysts to collaborate and document their findings by capturing static clips of visualizations and annotating maps, timelines, networks and other content. Use workflows to enforce consistent business processes and foster collaboration.
  • Turn insight into action – fast. Get alerts intelligently prioritized for investigation and disposition. Quickly see potential areas of interest and where to focus first. Easily manage alerts and events generated by third-party surveillance processes.

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