Employee Monitoring

Monitoring employees may sound like something a company that doesn't trust its workforce would do, but by requesting NiB (National Investigations Bureau) to install monitoring equipment and do basic surveillance in your business has multiple advantages, most of which actually benefit employees. Because it's impossible for you to keep an eye on the workplace throughout the day, you may rely on NiB's systems to inform you of everything that goes on in (amongst others) the following areas of National Investigations Bureau expertise:


Employees may unknowingly or knowingly commit safety infractions, which may lead to serious injury. By monitoring the workplace, you have an eye in the sky to catch all safety issues, such as debris on the floor or an employee operating a forklift without a hard hat. Unlike employee weaknesses caught on the monitoring system, you must immediately bring safety issues to the forefront. Catching blatant disregard for safety on camera or video may also save you from potential lawsuits.

Violation of Policies

Dishonest employees, as well as employees who believe the rules don't apply to them, may break company rules when management isn't around. By constantly monitoring employees, you might catch those who willingly violate company policy and immediately employ disciplinary action.


Monitoring the ways in which an employee spends his time at work helps you understand how to increase production. Employees who use company time for personal time cause the company to suffer. For example, if you monitor an employee's actual time spent on company duties outside the office during office hours and find he or she is spending a large portion of his/her day on personal activities, you can confront him/her and explain he/she needs to spend more time working.

Where You Can Monitor

Legally you can't monitor employees in all areas of the workplace. At the National Investigations Bureau our team of experts knows the local and international laws around employee monitoring and we can assist professionally providing you with peace of mind in this regard.

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