At NiB (National Investigations Bureau) the word "Surveillance" means to follow, watch or observe a person closely using the latest technological advances in order to obtain investigative evidence which will confirm or disprove suspicion and doubt in relation to a person's daily activities. We at the National Investigation Bureau will carry out vehicle and foot surveillance with a view to providing a report including photographs of the subject and details including their locations travelled to and the person or persons they meet up with over a series of allocated days. As a highly reputable company of private detectives we have extensive experience of surveillance and monitoring and will provide new insights and confirm facts which will allow a client draw their own conclusions in relation to the ongoing daily activities of the person or persons in question.

Surveillance provides peace of mind and allows the suspecting party to free themselves from guilt or suspicion often associated within a business or a marital dispute. As leading Private Investigators and Private Detectives in South Africa we specialise in surveillance. We are skilled and conscientious Private Investigators with many years experience in close observation monitoring and reporting. We are aware that surveillance is considered to be a very effective way to gather evidence and that it is an accepted way to ascertain facts.

The presence of Private Investigators has the advantage of providing an eyewitness account of events during the normal course of surveillance. All level of activity observed during the course of surveillance is reported directly to the client as required. The information including the report and photographs is legal and binding available to be passed on to a solicitor as required.

Why Consider Surveillance?

  • Surveillance is a proven and trusted way to gather professional evidence.
  • Utilising the latest technology including digital photography.
  • The discreet presence of Private Investigators provides an eyewitness account of events.
  • Get peace of mind ; confirm or disprove your suspicions.
  • Providing legal and binding reports available to be passed on to a solicitor as required.
  • A highly qualified & experienced team of professional Private Detectives.

Specialist Surveillance Services;

  • Airport Surveillance. Arrival & Departures areas, photo opportunity
  • Photographic & Video Surveillance. Evidence in the form of video and/or photographs
  • Corporate Surveillance. Monitoring, evidence & insights for businesses
  • International Surveillance. We travel abroad, contacts in all major cities
  • Marital Surveillance. Monitoring, evidence & insights on cheating spouse or partner
  • Work Related Surveillance.

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