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Personal Investigators :: National Investigations Bureau

Personal Investigators

South Africa's NiB (National Investigations Bureau) is a team of professional private investigators & detectives who provide a high quality, confidential service to get the answers you need in (amongst others) the following types of personal investigations:

Partner and Marital Investigation

It is frustrating and hurtful if you suspect that your spouse or partner is having an affair or being unfaithful to you. Not knowing if your suspicions are correct causes you anguish and stress. If you want to know the facts, we will investigate and present a full report of the movements of your partner/spouse including addresses visited, duration of the visit and who they met with each time.

Adoption Tracing

Full investigation and tracking can be provided to help you to find biological parents and/or children that were adopted in the past.

Beneficiary Tracing

Similar to adoption tracing, we can provide services to find beneficiaries.

Personal Injury Investigation

If you are suspicious that an personal injury claim is fraudulent, we will provide you with a report and proof of the activities of person instigating the claim to ascertain if the claim is genuine or fraudulent.

Teenage Surveillance and Drug Detection

Worried about your teenager’s activities? As parents, we want to protect our children from inappropriate relationships, drugs, criminal activity and any actions or people who can influence them in a way that is not safe. We will provide surveillance services to help you to know the facts and therefore implement the steps you need to take to protect your child.

Tracing Missing Persons

As with adoption and beneficiary tracing, we will provide information to help you to find missing persons.

Witness Tracing

Full investigation services are provided to locate witnesses.

For more information on NiB's Personal investigating services telephone +27 21 557 7117 for a private consultation

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