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NiB Case Study

NiB Case Studies - Pallet traceNiB (National Investigations Bureau) was recently hired by a manufacturing company for surveillance on one of their transport pallet yards in Cape Town where wooden transport pallets had to be replaced at a cost of over R40 000 each month.

With innovative additions to our normal surveillance criteria the results were astonishing.

A tracking device was imbedded in one of the client’s pallets and marked with ultra violet markings to identify the client’s property. The reason for this was to establish and prove the pallet's final destination.

All measures and methods of discretion and confidentiality were maintained during the commencement and upon conclusion of the assignment. The findings were discreetly obtained and no personal contact was made with any subjects/persons but was rather extracted from intelligence systems and reliable 3rd party intelligence sources and then reported to the client.

The marked pallet was tracked leaving the client's premises on one of the client's vehicles, on route through the city and eventually to its destination which, needless to say, was not on the client's usual delivery route. That night the tracking device indicated that the marked pallet was on the move again where it landed up in another pallet yard from where it was moved to its final destination after being "legally purchased" by another company.

Photographic evidence was obtained of the collection, travels and eventual delivery and also of cash changing hands at various points during the transportation of the pallets.

With the electronic and photographic evidence obtained the client was now in a position to alert the police to arrest and prosecute its staff responsable thereby preventing similar future schemes and saving it a substantial amount of money long term.

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