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The 'Busy' Workaholic :: National Investigations Bureau

The 'Busy' Workaholic

NiB Case Study

NiB Case StudiesNiB was contacted by an attorney who informed us that his client did not want to hire an investigative firm to check into her husbands activities. She stated that her husband, a very wealthy man, was more into running his business and making money and that basically, he was the “most boring person on earth” and she was certain that he was not having an affair. She had accepted the fact that he simply did not love her anymore and wanted to move on and she was seriously considering the settlement offer he had proposed. The attorney correctly explained to the client that based on their marital assets, the cost involved in conducting an investigation would be a very wise investment just to make sure. The return on this upfront investment could be tremendous in the event that something was found. The client eventually reluctantly agreed and continued to claim nothing would be found other than work.

Within 3 days of initiating the assignment, NiB investigators had verified that this “workaholic” was having an affair with a female executive that worked for him in his company. Two weeks before Christmas, our investigators followed this workaholic and his mistress to an expensive Mauritius resort where they spent the entire weekend together. Investigators were able to obtain video of the two entering and exiting the same room together, documenting overnight stays together and irrefutable evidence of public displays of affection. After the “business trip” was over, NiB continued the investigation and found that the woman was also married and had 3 children. This provided additional leverage for the client. The client was astonished! She requested that the investigation continue to get more evidence of their affair.

Shortly after Christmas, the husband was planning another business trip. This time, it was to Dubai. Our investigators followed the husband to the airport where he met up with yet ANOTHER woman. The surveillance continued for 5 days in Dubai and again NiB was able to obtain photographic proof of the affair, including public displays of affection. Further investigation revealed that this woman was another employee of his company.

The client was now angry and embarrassed that she had been fooled and she wondered just how many times during their 27 year marriage he had committed adultery. Her husband made a “generous offer”. With the guidance of her attorney and using the leverage that the investigation had provided, the client ultimately accepted a far more substantial settlement than what was originally offered. Once confronted with the evidence of these two affairs and the knowledge that more investigation may be conducted into his past activities, the husband knew that if he fought too much, both women would eventually find out about one another, their spouses would find out and his children would find out. The attorney was able to resolve the matter to his client’s satisfaction.

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