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Forensic Investigations

Forensic Investigations

The terms “Forensic Investigations” or “Forensic Audit” are commonly used to describe the investigation of matters referred to as financial, commercial or “white-collar” crimes and almost always involve dishonesty, financial losses and/or a perpetrator’s financial intend.

Examples of illegalities frequently investigated by NIB are:

  • Fraud
  • Financial theft
  • Corruption
  • Non-compliance with statutory prescripts
  • Falsification of documents
  • Insurance specific fraud
  • Procurement specific fraud

A Forensic Investigation performed by NIB can broadly be described as a process to determine whether an illegality or irregularity occurred, how it was committed, what the effects thereof were, which monetary losses were suffered by the client and who the parties involved were. The subject and findings of each Forensic Investigation are unique.

The results of Forensic Investigations performed by NIB will provide a client with evidence, intelligence and guidance to enable the client in making an informed decision on the best effective course of action to follow.

Subsequent to an investigation, NIB will continue to assist our clients during the implementation of the required courses of action, for example:

  • Institution of criminal charges on behalf of the client, presenting law enforcement agencies with comprehensive witness statements, documentary and other evidence and acting as liaison between the client and law enforcement agencies.
  • Assisting the client’s legal representatives during civil proceedings by contextualizing evidence provided.

NIB will actively assist our clients in pursuing resolution of the appropriate course of action, whether it may be criminal or civil litigation or any other required course of restitution.

Managing a business’ risk of fraud and financial misappropriation:
All businesses carry the potential risk of suffering financial losses as a result of fraud or financial misappropriation. This risk is more likely to transpire when the possibility of it occurring is not explored, identified and pro-actively mitigated.

While systems, checks & balances and procedures duly aim to minimize the likelihood that such losses might occur, the human factor will always remain present. Potential weaknesses and opportunities for manipulation within a business’s systems are open for exploitation by thieves and fraudsters.

NIB can assist clients by conducting a complete fraud risk assessment of the client’s unique business, by applying a methodology of identifying potential fraud risks, engaging with responsible individuals and facilitating a fraud mitigation strategy.

Investigation of employee misconduct:
Employers are inevitably faced with situations where the conduct of employees require scrutiny and address.

The foundation of an employer’s effective resolution of such situations, vests in and are dependent on the professional and comprehensive investigation of the matter.

The results and evidence delivered by a professional and thorough investigation, are what enables an employer to address such matters appropriately and successfully.

NIB has the required experience and investigative skill to assist clients with fact finding, investigation and evidence collection in instances where the employer suspect that the following may be occurring in their workplace:

  • Fraudulent conduct or financial misappropriation.
  • Manipulation of prescribed policies, procedures and systems.
  • Misappropriation or misuse of assets.
  • Non-compliance with prescribed legislation.
  • Any other employee conduct which require scrutiny.

On completion of the investigation NIB will further assist our clients with implementing the required corrective steps, including:

  • Assistance with the drafting of disciplinary charge sheets.
  • Briefing of the employer’s appointed initiator.
  • Acting as lead witness at disciplinary enquiries.
  • Assist with implementing corrective measures to prevent future incidences of losses or irregularities, as identified during the course of our investigation.

Independent chairing of disciplinary enquiries:
An employer may sometimes find it challenging in appointing a suitable manager or employee to chair an internal disciplinary enquiry.

This may be the case when there are no suitably trained and skilled employee in service of the employer to undertake and manage the complex prescripts of the Labour Law and Law of Evidence, or when circumstances may allow the alleged bias of a chairman.

It is a recognized principle of law that employers are entitled to appoint external parties to preside over disciplinary hearings (MEWUSA obo Mbonambi vs S Bruce cc (2005, 8 BALR 809)).

The knowledge, skills and experience NIB’s Forensic’s partner holds in facilitating disciplinary enquiries, allow our clients to appoint an external chairman who will ensure that disciplinary enquiries are performed professionally and accordingly to legal prescripts.

Instructions received from our client will require a clear mandate as to whether NIB is required to make a decision regarding a sanction, or whether it is required to make only a recommendation in that regard.

Embezzlement. Fraud. White-collar crime. Business Litigation. They are inevitable parts of the fabric of today’s business environment. Investigating them requires experience, integrity and determination to find the truth, no matter what it takes.

We at NiB (National Investigations Bureau) are your partners in that pursuit. With many years of experience in forensic accounting, we know how to dig into the facts and identify the truth you need to handle your case effectively.

Make National Investigations Bureau your one stop resource for resolving complex financial matters.

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