Due Diligence Investigations

Due Diligence Investigations

At NiB (National Investigation Bureau) we can supply due diligence report’s on both companies and individuals locally, nationally and internationally.

What is due diligence?
Due diligence is the comprehensive forensic analysis of either a person or a business to establish credibility during a legal transaction.

What is a due diligence investigation?
A due diligence investigation is the examination of a company’s management, finances, performance, mission, history, aims, clients, and anything else that details how a business functions. It is vital to conduct a due diligence investigation before a merger, company purchase, or acquisition because it reveals hidden liabilities.

How do I know if I need a due diligence investigation?
If you run a business or plan on taking a high-ranking position, due diligence investigations give you a complete picture of a company. Depending on what they find, investigators can justify negotiating a lower price and ensure all claims by a company are substantiated. If you are investing your money in a business transaction, a due diligence investigation can help you make an informed decision.

What is the due diligence process?
An investigator will often use forensic accounting investigations, background checks, surveillance, mystery shopping, asset searches, financial investigations, and other corporate investigation methods to find out how a company functions. In some cases, investigators will need to review public records, speak with company clients and customers, and contact overseas offices to uncover the legitimacy and potential of a company. A good private investigator will work with you to determine which methods your particular investigation needs.

Types of Due Diligence:
Legal: This aspect deals with the intellectual property of the company in question. It involves contract, loans, property, employment, and pending litigations.
Financial: Financial due diligence verifies a company’s finances. It looks at things like earnings, assets, liabilities, cash flow, debt, and management.
Commercial: Commercial due diligence brings into consideration the current market. This includes conversations with customers, competitor assessment, and any business plans in place.
Other: External types of due diligence include taxation, pensions, human resources, and IT systems.

At the National Investigation Bureau we can supply due diligence report’s on both companies and individuals locally, nationally and internationally. The reports we supply obtain all the available information required within the Jurisdiction in question, to allow your business to make informed decisions on potential investments, clients, debtors, employees or possible business partners.
NiB enquiries are conducted discreetly to obtain the essential information you require to move decision making forward within the parameters of your project or investigation.

Information obtained by NiB can range from:

  • Local enquires;
  • Registered bad debts;
  • International Company records;
  • Property ownership enquires;
  • Location of hidden assets;
  • Professional and educational history;
  • Litigation and pending;
  • Local Media research;
  • General reputational enquiries;
  • Investigation of corporate affiliations;
  • Address verification;
  • Investigation of fraudulent or possibly corrupt activities and the case by case history thereof.

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