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Copyright Infringement :: National Investigations Bureau

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement can be one of the most detrimental infractions any business can fall victim to. Regardless of the size or industry of the organization, locating violators and holding them accountable is something that must be done to protect the integrity and hard work of the company that holds the intellectual property rights.

At NiB (National Investigations Bureau) we have 19 years experience in this field of investigation with our concrete evidence adding to a very high prosecution success rate in countless copyright infringement investigations over the years.

The Copyright Infringement Investigation process typically involves:
1. Closely evaluating the situation at hand to determine whether the actions in question did, in fact, violate copyright law.
2. Determining to what degree or percentage the copyrighted content was infringed upon. This helps us to figure out what type of action can and should be taken by the business or business owner. 3. Once we’ve identified the scope of the copyright infringement, the next step is investigating to determine exactly who the violators are. Finding out who committed the crime can be a complicated process, which is why it’s best left to seasoned experts.
4. When the parties in question have been successfully identified, the next step is gathering evidence and determining damages. This is where legal assistance may be wise, particularly when the copyright infringement is considered to be significant. If you don’t have adequate legal representation, our in-house legal expert we can help point you in the right direction with specialized advice.
5. With evidence in hand, the alleged violators will then be notified of the situation as well as the proposed remedies.

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